Let us introduce ourselves.

OM Hungary Vision Tree



We envision the structure of our OM Hungary team like a tree. The roots, trunk and branches, are each an essential part of the tree. One part is not more important than another; in fact, the three parts cannot exist without each other. Each must be strong and supported to make a healthy and fruitful tree.


  • Hungarian & foreign churches
  • OM International family
    & other fields
  • Prayer
  • Partners


  • Maintenance
  • Fundraising
  • IT support
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Personnel & member care


  • Mobilising into missions
  • Mission conferences
  • Arts ministries
  • Sports ministries
  • Bus4Life
  • Tata ministries




OM History in Hungary

OM Hungary Balaton outreach

OM began smuggling and distributing Christian literature into Hungary in the early 1970s while the country was under communism. After the Iron Curtain lifted in 1989, the first OM Hungary team formed under American OMer Terry Lingenhoel’s field leadership. OM Hungary’s ministries began with evangelism outreaches, marriage conferences, and church planting teams working with local Hungarian pastors. The OM team also ran a hospitality ministry centre that served as a venue for local church events and OM trainings and conferences. The team worked closely with the Hungarian Baptist Union to help churches develop a vision for missions, a partnership that has continued through today.

In 2002, Terry started a sports outreach that has today become a fruitful branch of OM Hungary’s ministries. In the mid-2000s, the Bill Drake Band began its annual summer tour of Hungary, and the OM team started English camp outreaches.

In 2007, Attila Kapocs became the OM team’s first Hungarian field leader. In 2011, OM Hungary took on responsibility for a local church’s puppet ministry that team members had previously helped with. 

In 2010, OM started the work in Tata among young peole and people in need. And in 2017 youth center DOCK opened it´s doors for school students to come together and create meaningful relationships with each other and older christians.  

In 2019, Marcel Buchner started as a new field leader.


OM Mission in Hungary

Our mission as OM is to create vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.  What does that look like in Hungary?

Like the rest of Europe, Hungary has traditional Christian roots but in reality is a secular nation today. Within the country’s population of 10 million people, more than 50 percent identify as Catholic; 20 percent are Protestant; and the rest are atheist or following other religions. The evangelical denominations combine to claim an estimated 2-3 percent of society.

Under communism, Hungarians experienced a shame-based, atheistic society and learned not to trust anyone – causing effects that can still be seen in the culture today. Secularism, materialism, and New Age spiritualism are where Hungarians are now seeking answers for life’s questions. Hungarians have a spiritual openness, but the traditional church does not seem to have relevant answers for them.

Today, the OM team in Hungary continues to focus on the two ‘branches’ of mobilisation and evangelism. These branches only exist with the strong roots of partners, churches, and prayer, and only with a supportive trunk of team maintenance and care.


Pray for OM Hungary

  • Pray for God to send more team members to join OM Hungary. Can you fill a role?
  • Pray for our vision for a new ministry centre to become a reality.
  • Pray for wisdom for our team members as we lead our ministries to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached in Hungary.