An OM Ship on Wheels

In different seasons, you can find all kinds of people there: Children from a rural village watching a movie about Jesus as they escape the summer sun. Teenagers ducking in from spring rains during a break at school and learning about the rights of the unborn. Sex workers finding shelter from the dark, icy city streets in winter. What kind of place is this? It’s the space provided by OM’s Bus4Life ministry.

This mission bus began travelling around Central and Eastern Europe in 2007 and has served in outreaches as a compact bookstore, café, theatre, museum, event headquarters, and more, all the while creating space for meaningful conversations, prayer, and sharing the Gospel.

The bus was previously managed by OM Finland. In 2017, OM Hungary took on responsibility for registering and hosting the bus, while OM Moldova and OM Finland partner in other roles to maintain the ministry.

The bus regularly travels around Hungary and through Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine, helping OM teams host events and outreaches. “Bus4Life is a big blessing to Moldova, and I would love to have it here all year,” an OM staff member in Moldova shared. “It opens a door for people to come to us. They see the bus, wonder what it is, and they come and find out. In the end, they go home with a Bible in hand.

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