Modern-day slavery


Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Victims are illegally traded for profit and financial gain and forced or deceived into doing something that they don't want to do. Hungary is a source, transit and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to human trafficking. They are bought for forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation within the country and abroad. The estimated number of victims is around 36,000. 
The most vulnerable groups include: those who live in deep poverty, the undereducated, people from dysfunctional families, children in state-provided childcare institutions, and minority groups such as the Roma people.
However, anyone can be trafficked regardless of class, education, gender, or age when forcefully coerced or lured by false promises. A victim of trafficking will look just like many of the people you see every day.


Our goal is to prevent victimization by introducing the Gospel to the least reached people and helping them to find spiritually alive churches; vibrant, attractive Christian communities where they can be discipled.


·  Speaking out. Bringing the hidden crime to the light.
·  Teaching. Training people (especially the next generation) through the Gospel, to not fall victim to human trafficking. 
·  Multiplying. Equipping Christian co-workers and trainers to lead training workshops.
·  Seeing. Creating awareness in the churches, sensitizing believers, mobilizing them to prevent human trafficking through addressing vulnerabilities that lead to trafficking. 
·  Transforming. Helping churches to be vibrant, attractive communities of Jesus followers for those affected by human trafficking. Through our preventative ministry we want to see the most vulnerable connected to these types of churches so their own lives can be transformed by the love of Jesus and His gospel.

If you want to be part of what God is doing on this area thrugh OM in Hungary, you can contact:
Ildikó Kóber
anti-human trafficking coordinator
E-mail: ildiko.kober (at)
Facebook: emberkereskedelemmegelozese