Our Work

From baseball to camps to puppets and everything between, OM in Hungary is truly involved in a variety of ministries. Read more about each of our areas of ministries below.






Arts MinistriesWe're excited to be a part of a number of ministries using creative tools like music and puppets to bring the Gospel to Hungary!

BUS4LIFEWhether it's Moldova, Hungary, Romania, or any other country in Eastern Europe, BUS4LIFE can be found bringing the Gospel to the least reached by providing a mobile cafe, a bookstore,theatre, and more.






Sports Ministries: Athletics is a powerful tool that can be used to reach men and women of all ages. OM currently participates in both baseball and softball ministries using a little friendly competition as a way to reach the least reached. 

Tata Ministries: A short drive up the highway from the main OM base, the town of Tata has become a primary focus of ministry. With programmes focusing on the children and youth, Tata Ministries have become a staple of community engagement. 






AntitraffikcingHuman trafficking is modern-day slavery. Our goal is to prevent victimization by introducing the Gospel. Bringing the hidden crime to the light. Training people  to not fall victim to human trafficking. 





English Summer Camps: 
Would you like to help some children to learn English and to know Jesus? We need help every summer on several camps. Come and learn yourself to express your faith in English. 


An international Christian camp for teenagers in Germany