MDT Ireland 2022

1 February – 30 June

What is MDT?
MDT is an intense, cross-cultural discipleship training experience focused on spiritual formation, understanding God’s mission and becoming equipped to reach the least reached. 

  • MDT is best understood as a discipleship programme with an emphasis on mission, recognising that missions are a core part of the discipleship journey for all Jesus followers, according to Matthew 28:19-20. 
  • Spiritual growth in MDT does not mean focusing on just the spiritual life of the participants but also examining how the Word of God speaks into all aspects of their lives: emotional, mental, social and physical.

MDT exists to inspire, disciple and equip Jesus followers to be able to move into a different cultural context to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

Discipleship, in the case of MDT, encompasses all of the following: 

  • My own personal relationship with Jesus 
  • Missions and evangelism 
  • Coach-mentoring 
  • Teaching

By the end of the MDT programme, participants will have grown in the following ways:


  • Grow and continue to grow in their knowledge of, intimacy with and obedience to God.
  • Experience transformational growth in their journeys toward fullness in Christ and awareness of selves.


  • Gain deeper understanding of God’s mission for the world and be aware of the needs, challenges and opportunities in fulfilling this mission, as well as be equipped to respond.
  • Transmit the values, story and mission of OM across the globe.


  • Learn to love, serve and work alongside all kinds of people.
  • Grow in competency of using tools and strategies to reproduce Jesus followers in different cultural contexts.

These outcomes are achieved through the four core components of instruction, experience, relationships and spirituality:


Participant knowledge and understanding are acquired through a variety of learning methods. This takes the form of lectures, workshops, interactive teaching, small discussion groups, Bible studies, etc. MDT is not an academic institution but a training experience, so interactive and innovative methods of transmitting instruction are used.


Through hands-on learning and concrete experiences, skills are developed that are critical to the success of participants to engage in least-reached people groups. This will happen primarily through outreaches in partnership with churches throughout Ireland. In these experiences we will interact with various Irish subcultures, as well as globalized cultures that are now impacting the country.


By focusing on relationships and community, participants experience first-hand what a vibrant community looks and feels like. To ensure the development of community, MDT includes intentional, relational practices that develop students formally and informally for living, working and ministering to a wide variety of people. Some examples might include service teams, working and living together, team meals, team prayer, team outings, etc. 


The regenerated life of a follower of Jesus is not isolated to just his or her personal spiritual activities, but instead, overflows into every area of who we are. The spiritual component of MDT encourages us to explore this through coach-mentoring, trust groups, spiritual disciplines, worship, accountability, emotional intelligence, and physical activity.

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