Ending Isolation

OM Albania is reaching out to families with special needs children, visiting them in their homes and helping the different family members in holistic ways.

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All Smiles at a House Visit in Albania

OMer visiting a precious special needs man; visiting is an important part of the Special Needs Ministry in Albania.

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Home Visits in Albania

OMer and a local church member visit an Albanian family who has a special needs family member.

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Business Trainer

One of the biggest problems that we face in OM Albania is that Christians leave Albania to find jobs outside the country. In order to prevent this OM Albania seeks to teach young Albanians business, so that they can be self sustaining, and remain in the country so that the church can grow and develop.

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Loving Kids with Special Needs

Do you have a heart to work with children with special needs, and do you want to serve God in a country which is not your own? OM Albania is in desperate need of a physical therapist, but as well for people that have a heart for the handicapped.

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Working with marginalized / Sinti and Roma

How do you feel when you see children instead of going to school, collecting plastic bottles to have enough to eat?  Would you like to be part of making a difference? Could you see yourself loving and teaching them, sharing God´s word of hope? OM Albania has a ministry aimed at these people, the Emanuel Center in Lushnje.

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Gap Year/Internationaler Jugendfreiwilligendienst

Are you looking for an opportunity to visit a new country and serve God? A gap year is the ideal opportunity for this as it opens the gates for a new experience. OM Albania offers two different options for a gap year, one in Durres and the second in Lushnje.

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