Computer Students Gain Skills and Hope

“We take computer classes for gaining knowledge and for getting jobs. Computers are used for everything now,” one student says in this computer training programme in Bangladesh. Skills training opens doors for relationship building and sharing truth with students.

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Sports opens doors to community relationships in South Asia

Schoolboys gather to watch a football game that is part of community ministry in a Bangladeshi village.

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Man from the community engages with OM team during football game

Many, like this man, come from the village to see what is happening when OM team members in Bangladesh use sports as a bridge to build relationships in the community.

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Lady in Skills and Discipleship Training in South Asia

A tailoring student learns a skill she can use for income while she is also studying the Bible with other ladies as part of a residential training programme in Bangladesh.

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Village student watching sports ministry programme

A student comes out to watch a football game held by OM Bangladesh’s ministry through sports. Many from the village come to see the game and hear the coaches speak to the team about biblical values.

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Village boy plays football and learns biblical values

A student joins the football game with his teammates in Bangladesh, part of the village outreach using sports to build relationships and teach biblical values.

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Songbooks for discipleship in South Asia

These songbooks are used by ladies who have been taking part in a residential discipleship programme. They participate in Bible studies as well as tailoring skills training during the three-month program in Bangladesh.

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Betel vendor in Bangladesh - Photo by Garrett N

Betel leaves are commonly chewed as a stimulant throughout South Asia. Photo by Garrett N

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Hope in the midst of the storm

OM and partners work to bring hope to the Rohingya refugees, even with monsoon rains threatening temporary housing in the camps.

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The needs of the most vulnerable

Mothers and children in Bangladesh’s refugee camps tell horrifying stories from recent months, many needing a place where they can be reminded of hope.

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