Capacity Building Catalyst (M)

Our organization is in an exciting transition period of building capacity and releasing greater responsibility into the hands of national staff. The person in this position will be responsible for assessing the needs of our staff and facilitating the planning and provision of the necessary development.

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Monitor/Evaluation Consultant (M)

This person is a trail blazer to improve the effectiveness of various relief and development projects. Leading the monitoring and evaluation processes and building the capacity of national and expat managers.

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Discipleship on a daily basis

God uses OMers to show His love to local believers, who then spread that love to their own communities.

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Deputy Director (S)

Supporting the Executive Director in the leadership and management of the organisation, including strategic planning and organisation development.

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Public Relations Coordinator (S)

  • Working with all staff and regional teams to create material for fundraising, recruiting and international visibility.
  • Maintaining the website, updating it's content on a regular basis to keep it relevant.
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Personal Assistant (M)

This person will assist the Country Director in administrative tasks, and be responsible for the preparation of public relations materials.

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Director, Disability (S)

The director disability would oversee all the aspects of our projects that deal with people with disability.

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Personnel Coordinator (S)

  • Provide leadership for both expatriate and Afghan personnel functions to promote good practice in staff recruitment and retention of staff.
  • Oversee the recruitment, placement and orientation of expatriate personnel.
  • Maintain adequate staffing levels to ensure the organization can carry out its work effectively.
  • Provide a welcoming environment for newcomers.
  • Improve skills and efficiency of  Personnel Department and  relationships with home agencies.
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Technical Coordinator for Special Educational Needs (S)

  • Come alongside national staff, evaluating  work, advise in projects and seek to improve education s for pupils with learning disabilities.
  • Upgrade skills of national field staff.
  • Identifying, advising on and providing training in best practice in supporting people with learning disabilities.
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Community Development Technical Advisor (S)

Advise the existing Community Development Projects in three regions.

Support the national staff doing the day to day field work.

Bring new ideas into the existing structure for future growth and toward sustainability.

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