MDT Love Europe send out

The MDT Love Europe teams are sent out by OM Germany team members

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MDT Love Europe training

Gian Walser, director of OM Germany, during a training session at MDT Love Europe

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MDT Love Europe outreach start

Ready to go - MDT Love Europe participants starting their outreaches

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MDT Love Europe team 2018

The MDT Love Europe team 2018

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MDT Love Europe about to start

Before the MDT Love Europe teams went into their outreaches, the OM Germany team prayed for them

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MDT Love Europe team Alpha 2018

Team Alpha, one of the two MDT Love Europe outreach teams 2015

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MDT Love Europe team Omega 2018

Team Omega, one of the two MDT Love Europe outreach teams 2018

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MDT Love Europe prayer

MDT Love Europe team members are praying before goint to their outreaches

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MDT Love Europe (6 months) - Missions Discipleship Training - English Track

Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is an intensive training program aimed at equipping you for a missional life wherever God calls you. We focus on growing you in your journey as a follower of Christ.

Are you eager for more of God and desire to grow and experience His working in and through you? MDT Love Europe is a foundational Discipleship course to help you grow as a believer.  It prepares you for a lifetime journey of following Christ and equips you to be His Ambassador to the nations.

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Mosbach, Germany: Assistant Electrical Manager

Exists to purchase electrical supplies, give adequate support and manage easily accessible information in order to ensure proper functioning of the electrical team on board and the technical team on shore.

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