My neighbour, my brother

An act of compassion opens the door for a Zambian worker to share the Gospel with Somalis.

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BLOG: Cultural lenses

"We all look at the world with our different cultural lenses," said OMer Ivy. "However, I feel like I am the only one wearing yellow glasses among people wearing either green or red glasses.

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This Finance Team member will play a role in bringing together international standards of financial accountability with community culture of relationship building. This role does not require a finance and accounting background, but does require a standard of professionalism in line with OM International Finance Policy. The finance office is on the site of the orphan school and medical clinic and is next to the beautiful lakeshore.

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Personnel Officer

The Field Personnel Officers’ primary responsibilities in serving Operation Mobilisation are:

o To ensure maintenance of accurate records and paperwork for all personnel on the field

o To comply with OM personnel policy and agreed best practice

o To assist in making personnel needs known

o To communicate with the home offices of team members

o Care for and value of team members

o To work with others, and especially the field leader, to promote excellence

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Knocking at the door

Jeremiah* heard a knock at his door.

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No longer vulnerable

From trying to survive each day to leading their community in bringing development, the members of a Self Help Group are being transformed drastically.

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Self Help Group collecting money

One Self Help Group at Lake Tanganyika collecting money they saved throughout the week to help themselves get out of the poverty.

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Community Missionary

Missionaries live in remote lakeshore villages modeling a Biblical Lifestyle for a people living in bondage to poverty and witchcraft beliefs.

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POM - Grace

I came from England for a short term outreach with Bethesda Ministry at OM Zambia. As an assistant at the school, I join devotions and singing, help with feeding and often teach basic math and literacy. Each child needs one-on-one attention, so we’re always a busy team!

I’ve been touched by the healing of children through Bethesda ministry. At the clinic in Lusaka I have seen casts and splints made for children who are learning to walk, and hearing aids fitted for those with hearing loss. Young lives are being changed and strength renewed, something I’ve been humbled to experience.

Working with disabled children can be tough and takes time to adapt to, but I’ve been learning how to communicate better; understanding their unique little personalities more each day.

As a visitor to Zambia I have really felt welcomed. I’ve been blessed to connect with many families and individuals, both at the OM base and in Kabwe. It’ll be sad to say goodbye when my final month is up!

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HSC Zambia and Area Driver

Support those who are training missionaries and churches to know how to rescue and rehabilitate vulnerable children and youths on the street in a godly, professional and sustainable way. Offer valuable support by driving trainers and students and caring for the team vehicles.

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