Awake Spain! A Coruña City,  Northwest Spain

Come and help the OM team in La Coruña through the social centre as a tool to reach out to Spaniards. Through the second hand shop in the morning and the workshops in the afternoons, the OM teams reach out to a local community in the city of A Coruña. Teaching English, Conversation clubs, Youth group, Sports and many other activities will create bridges to share the gospel. Come and use your gifts with us.

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Introduction to Missions & Youth Evangelism Program

Basic six months training in youth evangelism and missions.OM works with a church in Casteldefells that is actively involved in youth evangelism, reaching young people through an English club, friendship evangelism, music, sports, power evangelism, etc. Participants will receive training and will help the youth group in their evangelistic efforts. They will also receive teaching about missions and learn about the needs of other countries and/or ethnic groups in Europe

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Progress along Europe’s Waterways – The Riverboat Project

The concept of using Europe's rivers for transport is not new, so OM's Riverboat, the Andante, will sail to three cities, six towns for three months to work with local churches to bring the Gospel to its inhabitants, starting at Mission Net in Arnhem, Netherlands in Decembe 2017.

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Coffee maker in a European coffee shop - Photo by Anja B.

A good coffee maker is essential for happy customers and good connections in a coffee shop. Particularly in Europe.

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North Africans prepare to go to Iraq

The OM Near East Field church planting school prepares students to cross cultural and religious boundaries.

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A place to come ashore

After many challenges, the vision for a community centre becomes a reality.

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Being a go-fer for George Verwer

George Verwer's go-fers have been impacted by the OM founder's life and witness.

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London Community Outreach Worker

Do you love talking about Jesus?  Do you love engaging with many cultures and age groups?  Hackney, North London, could be the place for you!  Serving with a community focused church, with many groups using their facilities, you would be on site to talk and befriend those using the building and help people discover Jesus.

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South Asian Community Worker

Do you have a heart for the people from a South Asian background?  Are you willing to learn what ‘British Asians’ a fusion of South Asian and British cultures, means?  Do you want to get to know them, share the Gospel and disciple young believers?    You will serve with a church and alongside others in that community seeking to help South Asians meet Jesus and be part of a vibrant community of Jesus followers.

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Turkish Community Worker

Do you have a heart for the Turkish people?  Do you want to get to know them, share the Gospel and disciple young believers?    You will work with an existing team in a pioneering Turkish language church plant in London. You will be part of providing a church community that cares for the spiritual needs of the Turkish speakers who live there.

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