Beyond difference

Guayaquil, Ecuador :: Crewmembers share their cultures with the disabled residents of a day care centre and learn to love them without prejudice.

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Clowns bringing Good News

Guayaquil, Ecuador :: Logos Hope's crewmembers visit children living with HIV, to tell them about their value in God's eyes and the power of prayer.

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Over 60 villages and only four churches

OM Ukraine team gets excited about church planting in northern Odessa province after participating in a Bus4Life outreach in the area.

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The Shepherd’s heart for the Nivkh

The Good Shepherd leaves the flock to look for one sheep. Therefore, though the Nivkh people are few, it’s worth publishing God’s truth in their dialects.

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Children were greeted by a pirate when they came to see the Bus4Life.

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Bus4Life outreach in Ukraine

Over 70 children participated in the Bus4Life outreach in Ukraine.

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Short-term teams among the least reached

According to Stephan Bauer, short-term mission teams are "less a problem to be solved, but more a tension to be managed, and the aim should be for STTs to have a credible impact on the ministry and be effective in mobilising long-term workers."

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Do you miss home?

“This is the beauty and the tragedy of being a missionary in a foreign land. We are connected to many places deeply but belong to nowhere fully,” shares Ivy. “I will miss home wherever I go and I will create a new home wherever I move. I am adopting cultures and creating a third culture of my own.”

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Photo collage

Photo collage of 'home' for blog post. Photo of Logos Hope by Beth. Photos of Lake T and Taipei by Ivy.

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Who's he?

Sharing God's love can result in persecution and impact believers' families, as one OMer learns while visiting a friend.

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Good news on the beach - all year long

OMers visit the beachfront cafes for weekly Bible study, seeking to bless the businesses and share God's love all year round.

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Others need to know and get involved

After a trip to prepare war damaged churches in the east, construction workers from the west of Ukraine share their experience in order to inspire others to GO.

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A charity shop with a difference

Local London outreach to surrounding Turkish and Kurdistan communities

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Crazy inspiring and challenging

During their visits in Serbia, Moldova and Montenegro the two MDT Love Europe teams had many experiences, as well as many opportunities to share God’s love.

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A Charity Shop with a Difference

Building relationships in a local community

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Guayaquil, Ecuador :: Liam Packwood (UK) keeps Logos Hope safe and secure by monitoring who enters and exits the ship.

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Guayaquil, Ecuador :: A family store their fishing boat outside outside their home.

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Guayaquil, Ecuador :: A missionary shares the story of how he began his ministry in Guayaquil and how God has been working in the surrounding community, transforming it from an area of darkness to a place of hope.

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Guayaquil, Ecuador :: Children participate in a game designed to show them how difficult it is to find their way when they cannot see clearly.

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Guayaquil, Ecuador :: A man repairs the foundations of his home.

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