Coatzacoalcos, Mexico :: The advance preparation team members on the quayside where Logos Hope is berthed.

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This little light of mine

The Riverboat community sailed from port to port to mobilise believers into missions and share the Hope of God together. How is life after Riverboat?

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Ending Isolation

OM Albania is reaching out to families with special needs children, visiting them in their homes and helping the different family members in holistic ways.

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Don’t doubt your calling

Coatzacoalcos, Mexico :: Logos Hope's crewmembers encourage a youth group to listen to God's call to serve.

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Answering life's big questions

After making friends at OM's English Cafe, Igor shares with them how he came from a similar background but was freed from despair when he met Jesus.

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Transformational thinking

One OM couple uses Transformation Prayer Ministry to help followers of Jesus in Central Asia find freedom from lies they have believed.

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Coatzacoalcos, Mexico :: Jessica de Jonge (Netherlands) talks with a young memeber of a local church.

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Coatzacoalcos, Mexico :: Crewmembers worship with members of a local church.

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Coatzcoalcos, Mexico :: Anne Pelletey (France) gives a vision test to an elderly lady.

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Coatzcoalcos, Mexico :: A local man tries on his new reading glasses after a vision test

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Coatzcoalcos, Mexico :: Fabian Indermaur (Switzerland) gives a vision test to a local man.

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Coatzcoalcos, Mexico :: Pascal Geiselmann (Switzerland) and Adel Susanto (South East Asia) carry supplies for a book donation.

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Los kikos de Dios

Durch den regelmäßigen Besuch eines lokalen Parks in Katalonien, lernt das OM-Team die Jugendlichen dort kennen, und kann, auch durch das Verteilen von kleinen Beuteln mit geröstetem Mais (kikos), Freundschaften schließen und die Samen des Glaubens austeilen.

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Not just numbers

“I’ve noticed the format [of reports] many times focuses heavily on the results. How many people did the project impact? What is the difference from last year?” says OMer Ivy. “While it’s important to examine the work, it’s hard to measure the lives of people.”

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Learning numbers by Ivy

A students works on learning his numbers at Good News II Orphan School.

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Potholes, pastors and playgrounds

Bus4Life ministers in Central and Eastern Europe, bringing hope and Christian literature to the region's widespread towns and villages. During the spring and early summer of 2018, Bus4Life visited Hungary, Moldova, and Ukraine.

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Books in Village School in South Asia

Students have few school supplies in the catch-up primary schools started by OM Bangladesh, but using their books and chalkboards they are able to learn to read and write so they can later join public school.

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River Delta in South Asia

Green abounds in the river deltas that make up much of Bangladesh. It is in villages like these that education and skills training are transforming lives and giving the opportunity to share the gospel.

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Songbooks for discipleship in South Asia

These songbooks are used by ladies who have been taking part in a residential discipleship programme. They participate in Bible studies as well as tailoring skills training during the three-month program in Bangladesh.

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Coatzacoalcos, Mexico :: An elderly woman has her eyesight tested.

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