Fear, insecurity and a zeal for Jezreel

A visiting university team from the USA saw fruit of their ministry when a 93-year old Jewish woman gave her life to the Lord in the city of Nazareth.

Nazareth is a large city with a number of believers. However, the short-term team was then tasked to do ministry in a kibbutz where no believers live. 

Groups of two and three students walked the streets and prayed for open doors, both spiritually and literally. The group recalled, the sleepy hamlet seemed like a dead end for ministry and the planned open-air worship time appeared to be doomed. Team members remembered thinking, these inhabitants would not appreciate a noisy song fest. The visiting team was hesitant and unsure.

A local man with an in-charge attitude welcomed the group to sing in an open area. "It's no disturbance to us at all," he said. Meanwhile, an elderly couple cheerfully welcomed several team members into their home. They listened appreciatively as the students explained their love for Jesus, and how they wanted to bless this community.

This is just one of the 120 communities in the Jezreel Valley in need of engagement with people of faith in Jesus. OM Isreal leadership explained, it can seem daunting to find a way into a home, to the heart of one resident. Through the Zeal for Jezreel programme, OM Israel seeks for each valley resident to connect with a witness for Jesus. 

Pray for fruit of the ministry in this valley. OM Israel desires to see salvation through Jesus Christ come to those living in Jezreel, whether they are 93 years old or 9 years old.

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