Mim - A Proud Class Two Student

Mim is the youngest of four children in her family. Currently, Mim is working with her mother in a tobacco [cigarette] factory to help provide income for the family.

Mim’s father died when she was only 2 years old. Like the majority of people in Bangladesh, she was born into a very poor family. There is no food without work in their family.

Because of that, while she was much younger, Mim already started to work in the cigarette factory to help with the family income so they would be able to have food to eat. The consequence of this was that Mim never had the chance to go to a school, especially because there was no school available on the area where she lives.

Three years ago, through a program of OM in Bangladesh, our team visited Mim’s area and chose it as one where we would start a primary school and so the process of registering students started. Even Mim told her mom to have her registered, but she did not get the chance to attend school the first year as so many other children came before her. Finally, in the second year, Min finally was registered as one of our program’s students.  

Now Mim is studying in Class 2 and is still helping her mother when she has free time.

OM has provided this little girl a possibility to dream again, hoping for a better future through a quality education by providing all Mim’s school materials and even the school outfits for Mim and the other students. Like Mim, these students never dreamed of having the opportunity that they are now getting in OM’s primary school.

Mim is so happy because she has the chance to go to school and her mother also is thankful to OM for coming to their village and providing such an opportunity to her daughter, changing her reality and future outlook on life.

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