Mobilisation ignited one church's passion for the least reached

Mobilising - ultimately sending more missionaries to the least reached - is the vision of OM Latin America. Taking this into consideration, this story from OM El Salvador is even more exciting. During the months of May and June, the OM team in El Salvador visited 14 churches, had two school activities, as well as a few events that people from 20 different churches attended. The team talked about the importance of missions, how the Bible calls believers to be missionaries and that some may even be called to share the gospel among the least reached. A crucial part of the majority of these events was a guest that stayed for three weeks, traveling with the team and sharing his wisdom and experiences in missions - Jack Rendel.

The most astounding and delighful response came from a church in Ahuachapan, a rural town in the west of the country. The team, along with Jack, held a missions-themed youth service with around 150 young people. It was a vibrant night, full of heartfelt prayer for the least reached around the globe. For this church, it was the first service of its kind, but it will not to be the last. Since that night,  the church has organised more services focused on youth and missions, resulting in 25 young adults deciding to go on short term missions trips, both in and out of the country. The church has since asked the OM team to return and provide more information and insight concerning missions and how to get involved.

Pray for the young adults that were impacted by the message and that have received a call to do missions.

Pray for the church as it begins to focus on missions and the call to be the light and salt of the earth.

Pray for the OM team as they continue to visit new churches, mobilising new missionaries to share the gospel among the least reached.


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