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OMer talking by Rebecca Rempel 2

An OM worker talks with a woman whose house was destroyed by Cyclone Idai. Photo by Rebecca Rempel

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Esther in the rubble by Rebecca Rempel

Esther sits in the rubble where her house once stood in a village in Malawi. Esther, a widow, was alone in her home when it started collapsing under the strong rains of Cyclone Idai. One wall crumbled while she was still inside and the rest fell once she was out.
“I was very scared. That’s when my daughter came and rescued me,” said Esther who is now staying in her daughter’s house 50 feet away.

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Christina and baby in front of house by Rebecca Rempel 2

Christina stands with her daughter in front of the rubble that used to be her house in a village in Malawi. She lives on the same property as her mother and two of her sisters. In one night, Christina’s house—as well as her sisters’—collapsed from the strong rain and winds of Cyclone Idai. They all moved into their mother’s house which also suffered damage and now has cracks in the walls and foundation. Photo by Rebecca Rempel

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