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Looking out the window by Rebecca Rempel

The view from the window of a house that was severely damaged by Cyclone Idai in Malawi. Photo by Rebecca Rempel.

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Alinafe in front of her home by Rebecca Rempel 3

Alinafe sits in front of her home in a village in Malawi. The house had a few cracks in it before Cyclone Idai hit and Alinafe knew that the home was not safe to live in. Just after she, her husband and daughter had moved out, the back wall collapsed. Though it was a scary experience Alinafe was excited that the house hadn’t fallen on her family when they were inside and that no one was injured. The family moved into another house which collapsed the following day while they were out. Alinafe’s husband, who is a carpenter, thatched a grass wall to temporarily replace the missing wall so the family could move back in. When rainy season is over they plan on rebuilding. Photo by Rebecca Rempel

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OM worker interacting with community by Rebecca Rempel 8

OM worker talking with people in villages in Malawi that were impacted by Cyclone Idai. Photo by Rebecca Rempel

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