After a busy year of welcoming thousands of visitors up her gangways, Logos Hope closed her doors to the public to give crewmembers a much-needed week of rest and renewal.

The annual break time was eagerly anticipated by all on board, and included daily times of teaching, community activities, and release from normal work responsibilities. Instead of the typical weekly routine of five days of work in their normal departments, volunteers worked one eight-hour shift. Only the essential functions were performed, and many crewmembers were assigned to other departments to help with cooking, cleaning, or ship security.

During eight teaching sessions, volunteers heard from Adam Edgerly, CEO of Culture Consultants in the United States. “I found it interesting when Adam talked about the need to meet people where they are at,” said Kathy Mew (USA). “He suggested using something people can relate to, like lyrics in a song or something from a movie, as a way to connect when we are talking to others.”

‘Logoscars’ night drew a glamorous crowd as volunteers dressed in their finest attire to attend Logos Hope’s annual film festival and awards evening. Months prior to the rest week, crewmembers were given the opportunity to submit original films to be watched and judged by the ship’s community for the chance to win awards in categories such as ‘Best Actor’ or ‘Best Script’. Twenty-one films were submitted, highlighting talent from diverse departments, with even the youngest school-aged children acting in some of the submissions.

For many volunteers, the relaxed schedule provided much-needed time to reconnect with friends and family. Pavel Martinez (Mexico) and his wife Melissa used to work together in the bookfair before Pavel became the Media Relations Officer in the Communications Department. “Sometimes it is hard to find time to talk about more than just the facts of our day,” said Pavel, “but during the week of rest we got to spend a lot of time together. It was like dating my wife again!”

The week closed with a rare off-ship community activity as the ship’s entire crew travelled together by ferry to the Bahamian island Blue Lagoon.

Crewmembers have now resumed their normal working activities as Logos Hope reopens to the public in Nassau, Bahamas.

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