Thank You Event in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is one of the busiest ports with many onshore events taking place during the Riverboat’s two weeks stay. This is attributed to the help and support extended through partners from churches and key local Christian organisations like the L’Entente des Églises Protestantes Évangéliques de l'Eurométropole de Strasbourg (EEPEES).

“I felt really welcomed in Strasbourg – in churches, in our home, in the offices we visited,” said Strasbourg Line-up Manager, Michael Radloff (France/Switzerland), addressing the supporters during the Thank you event. “It was because of all of you that we could accomplish this bold project.” Michael’s heart for Europe had motivated him to be part of the Riverboat project from the moment he heard about it.

His team member, Theo Valade (France) shared that he really felt love from the churches and clearly felt the prayer of the people surrounding them as they pushed through the work. “Michael and I had some challenging times during this line-up, but God answered our prayers to see this project come to live.”

Riverboat Project Director, Robert-Jan Sterk (Netherlands), emphasised to the audience that the purpose of the Riverboat is to encourage people to share about God’s love, sharing from Romans 10:14. “We hope and pray to bring many people out of their comfort zone through the escape room experience,” he said. “We really believe we need to share and help others to share God.” Robert-Jan introduced the One Wish method of sharing the Gospel during his sharing and made available training sessions on it for churches.

God’s desire for the Riverboat project became even clearer when the first financial gifts started coming in from Israel, Albania, Tajikistan and even Moldova – a country with the lowest number of Evangelical Christians in Europe.

Adding on, former OM France Field Leader, Simon Yeomans, touched on our identity as human beings; identity is one of the key themes of The Agency. “We are first human beings, not human doings. We first need to be who God created us to be, so as to do what he intended for us to do.”

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