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Solar-powered gospel toys

Bertil (Sweden): Teens at TeenStreet (TS) paid 5 Euros to design, assemble and paint a wooden toy before attaching a solar panel-powered propeller on top. Having completed a craft they’ve invested in, they then donated their handicraft for distribution to refugee families.

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Creating with God

Entering the TeenStreet (TS) ArtZone feels like stepping into a beautiful art gallery. Inspiration erupts from the tables and walls. For the artists, it’s truly a special place to paint, craft, build—create!
Made in the image of an unendingly creative God, creativity is a part of who we are.

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TeenStreet around the world

Operation Mobilisation (OM), TS’s parent organisation, serves in over 100 countries. TS has already taken place in 14 of them, including Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the Philippines. Counting TS Europe, over 8,000 people participate every year! Now, OM’s international leadership wants to see that network extended even further, as TS is made part of OM’s global mobilisation strategy. “We would like to have these teens understand that they are part of something bigger,” said Ewout, director of TS International.

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