In 2015, when Navish* heard that a group of Christians were sharing about Jesus through drama in his village, he went out of curiosity. “Through the drama, I learnt that Jesus can set people free from demon possession. That made me want to know more,” Navish said. Coming from a remote, predominantly Hindu village, Navish knew very little about Jesus. After the Christian group showed their drama about Jesus, Navish exclaimed, “I understand that Jesus is everything!”

The team gave him a Bible and an SD card with Christian songs so he could learn more, but Navish never read the Bible. Though he listened to all the songs on the card, he deleted them after some time. “I did end up watching a film that talked about Jesus a lot. It somehow gave me peace when I watched it, and [I] started showing it to my friends,” he recollected.

By 2017, Navish had gathered more information about Jesus, and his interest and understanding grew. He then decided to speak to a believer from another village, who had visited his village for some time. “There was one Christian in my village, and she invited some believers from another village for fellowship. I took the opportunity to talk to one of the believers about his faith in Jesus,” Navish explained.

The believer he spoke with was an OM worker, who shared his personal testimony of coming to faith and told Navish more about Christianity. Finally, totally convinced about who Jesus was, Navish accepted Christ at that moment.

At that point, Navish started reading the Bible, learning about sin and recognising that he was a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness. Not only was he convicted about the life he lived before knowing Jesus, but he also developed a strong passion to share God's truth with others. “I know God has forgiven my sins, and I want to learn more about Him and how to reach my community with His love!” Navish proclaimed.

Pray for Navish and his family, who recently joined OM’s one-year discipleship programme in South Asia and will be working with an organic farming ministry. Pray that these new believers will be fully equipped to reach their community with the gospel and continue to grow in their knowledge of God.

*Name changed for security

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