Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Lobke Spruijt (Netherlands) talks to a local man during Mission of Mercy's feeding programme in Montego Bay.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Renske Cloosterman (left) and Anna Bolte (both Netherlands) paint a mural on the Fun Deck for school-aged children who live on Logos Hope.

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Khmer woman

A woman works among her neighbours to cut and prepare a variety of vegetables gathered from a lake to sell at a market.

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Khmer vender 2

A woman stands beside her meat and seafood stall at a local market in Phnom Penh.

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Khmer venders

A mother and daughter sit at their tourist stall at a local market in Phnom Penh selling T-shirts and bags for only a few dollars.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Crewmembers from Latin America with their flags at quayside.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Captain Ed Verbeek (Netherlands) on the bridge in Montego Bay.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Logos Hope at her berth in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Simon Zoerb (Germany) and Job Ephraim (Netherlands) build a bookshelf for a library project.

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Un piso de cemento como recordatorio de nuestro firme fundamento en Cristo

Merlin Rico, una mujer de la comunidad pobre de El Milagro y su familia celebran el recibir el regalo de un piso de cemento. Esto ha sido posible gracias al ministerio de OM "La Casa del Alfarero".

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All I can give you is Jesus Christ

Natalia and the team didn’t have anything to give but the message of Christ. God touched the crowd through the team and 50 people wanted to know more about Jesus that day.

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Edwin Hiebert

Pastor Edwin Hiebert (Paraguay).

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Stefan Dück

Pastor Stefan Dück

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Doulos: a platform for peace in Papua New Guinea

In 1999, national bitterness and divisions were set aside on board Doulos, which facilitated an historic reconciliation after conflict in the Pacific islands.

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“What shall I do with Buddha now?”

A Discipleship centre student from an unreached people group meets a girl with the same ethnic background and tells to her about salvation.

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Discipled, equipped and transformed

A young woman's life is transformed by the love of Jesus shared and displayed through Tabitha Skills Training in Zambia.

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Living lives dedicated to God

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Crewmembers share the gospel and encourage young people to live for God during a tent meeting of area Baptist churches.

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Then the world will know

"How can we BE a vibrant community, resilient and fruitful in ministry?" asks Marijke Kuo. The answer, she says, lies with people care.

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Broken hearts' melody

Three children from the House of Joy project in Kosovo fall in love with music arts during an Arts Therapy session.

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God instead of a gun

A story of God's grace and the life changing transformation of Juan and his family in Santay Island, Ecuador.

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