Manage and oversee finances for field


Working with a team of bookkeepers in various Caribbean countries to ensure accurate accounting and financial reporting for each country and consolidated reports for the entire Caribbean team.

Nature of the job:
Our field is made up of more than 30 countries. Many of our countries have their own currency and also have USD bank accounts—thus working with various exchange rates is a normal part of the daily job. If you like puzzles and detail, then you will probably enjoy working with us. The main finances include recording and allocation of donations given to support missionaries and projects in any of OM's over 110 fields of service and for operational needs. Donations are received in the local bank accounts and online. The field comprise over 5 legally registered entities and reporting in local currencies as well as in USD is required.
As a field, our main purpose and focus is to send out Caribbean believers as missionaries all over the world. Our field would be classified as “Global South,” so much of our ministry is to help the Evangelical church across the Caribbean understand that they have the privilege of sending missionaries and encouraging them to sow into this sending ministry.

This position is full-time—35 to 40 hours. We are interested in a person joining OM, raising support, and coming to work with our team in preferable any of our Caribbean offices. However, our team is a virtual team and working remotely from anywhere in the world is also possible.

APPLY Now: to join OM, raise support and work from any of our Caribbean offices or from your home
APPLY Now: if you are a present OMer interested in joining our team virtually or relocating to the Caribbean
APPLY Now: if you are a present OMer  or alumni living in the Caribbean and interested in joining our team.

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
As long as possible
Full or part time
Full Time
Finance, Administration

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