Praise God that the last decade saw thousands of Jesus followers come to Lacken House and were inspired to be disciple-makers, equipped with skills to share Jesus and connected to ministries all throughout Ireland.

During this time we have seen God’s grace and provision. Over 93% of the Lacken House property has been paid for by the generous support of many! 

Lacken House Purchase (2008): €1,100,000.
Donations Received: €1.025,000
Total Outstanding: € 75,000

Thank you to everyone who has donated over the past decade.

With the remaining amount completed, this would enable us to RELEASE more resources (short/long-term workers, funds, training, etc.) into ministry that will help us REACH people in Ireland and throughout the world with the life-changing Gospel message.  

I invite you to prayerfully consider your part in Kingdom building and donating what you can to help us.


Alastair Kerr
OM Ireland Director