1. R55189

    Africa Trek Leaders

    The Africa Trek practices discipleship on the move. The Trek travels through Africa for 3 months at a time.  As an Africa Trek leader, you have the privilege of journeying on a number of Treks for approximately six months per year, serving missionaries and churches, while discipling Trek participants.

    Africa Trek leaders are required to have participated in an Africa Trek themselves and must be willing to live in community 24/7 for 3 months at a time, modeling total transparency themselves.

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  2. Accountant

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  3. R46351

    Field Personnel Officer - Africa Area

    The work in Africa is expanding at a rapid rate. In order to keep up with the growth, we are looking for someone to assist our Area Personnel Officer - a Field Personnel Officer. This role will involve working with people from many different cultures, and being in the middle of what God is doing in Africa!

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  4. Training coordinator

    Experienced God in daily life and working with those people who want to be involve into missions.

    Coaching and mentoring in missions.

    Equip them with biblical principles and lead them to use their full potential which God has given to them.

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  5. Communication facilitator

    Like to mutual communication. Become a bridge between differents fields in OM International and OM Mexico. Provide regular field news internal and external OM. Build public relationship with national organization of Mexico.

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  6. Office Administrator with a basic understanding of Finance-Jamaica

    Administrative: Assist Island Coordinator in keeping the OM Jamaica office organized.

    Finance: Monitor and manage all income and expenses for OM Jamaica.

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  7. English talk

    Do you speak English well? Are you a people person? Would you like to share your faith by English?

    The English Talk provides a chance for local students who are studying in English to practice with native English speakers in small conversation groups. In this way we can connect to them and have an opportunity to share Christ.

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  8. R46355

    Personnel Manager (Domestic)

    Administration meets people care with a twist.

    You'll be facilitating the placement, onboarding, and care of OM personnel working in Canada.

    Are you up for the challenge?

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  9. Bookkeeper (El Salvador)

    As OM El Salvador we can see how God is supporting the ministry in different ways, which requires a higher standard in stewardship. So, if you are detail oriented, love working with numbers, organized and enjoy being in an administrative role, we have a job for you. We are looking for someone who can work with us in the draw up budgets, maintaining the cash flows and ensure good stewardship.

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  10. Field Personnel Officer

    Are you good with people and with administration? Are you well-organised and able to handle information? Are you ready to help send hundreds of Brazilian believers into the missions field? Come and lead our Personnel team and help us to reach the unreached!

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