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"If God calls me, what better thing could I be doing than what God wants me to do? Nothing."

served with OM in Greece

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Andrew works among refugees and asylum seekers in Birmingham and the Black Country. OM writer Nicky Andrews asked him about the ministry he is a part of — revealing the joys and challenges he faces each week, and the steadfast calling which keeps him going.
Joyful laughter and grateful praise characterise Naomi Cheung — even when experiencing cancer herself. Inspired by her nursing background in Hong Kong and surviving breast cancer twice, Naomi leads the Chinese Association for Cancer Care (CACACA) partnered with OM.
Heavy fighting broke out in Sudan on 15 April 2023, devastating many residential areas and causing a critical lack of food, water and medical care for people in affected areas.
OM is continuing to support Jesus followers in Sudan as they share Jesus’ love in word and action amid a continuing humanitarian crisis.