Global Leadership Team member Katherine Porter lives in Australia and leads OM’s Organisational Development team which is responsible for training, leadership development, spiritual formation and boards across OM.

Katherine Porter

Associate International Director, Organisational Development

Katherine Porter grew up in the UK but has spent a large part of her adult life in Eastern Europe and Russia where she served with OM in various roles. She now lives in Australia and leads OM’s Organisational Development team which is responsible for training, leadership development, spiritual formation and boards across OM. In this role Katherine is encouraged to see people develop, as well as critically examining how to do things more effectively. She studied English Literature at Cambridge and still loves reading, meeting people, long walks and great coffee. Katherine met her Australian husband, Lloyd, whilst working in Siberia and they now have two grown up daughters. She’s fascinated by the endless complexities of both fulfilling our mission and taking care of and developing the people entrusted to our care.