Gian Walser leads Global Services on the Global Leadership Team.

Gian Walser

Associate International Director, Global Services

Gian Walser was born and raised in Switzerland. From a teenager to young adult, he was greatly involved in YMCA youth work, as well as his local church. Gian met wife Eveline in the YMCA, and they were married in 1995. At a Campus Crusade Conference 1997, Gian and Eveline felt called to missions and joined the OM ship, Doulos, in August 1999. Gian and Eveline served with OM ships for 13 years; Gian’s duties ranged from catering to directorship of both Logos II and Logos Hope

In March 2012, Gian and Eveline moved to Mosbach to join the ships team, and in 2015, Gian was asked to become the field leader of OM in Germany. Gian joined the GLT, leading Global Services, in 2019. He and Eveline still live in Mosbach, and they have four children.