Crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Asia

Crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Asia


Yemen has been at the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Asia for thousands of years thanks to its position on the ancient spice routes. It is one of the possible locations for the Biblical kingdom of Sheba. The Romans knew this fertile country as Arabia Felix (Latin: “Happy, or Flourishing, Arabia”), in contrast to the relatively barren Arabia Desert to the north. For over 25 years, OM teams and individuals have been praying for and serving among the people of Yemen, seeking to introduce people to Jesus Christ and serve both local and migrant populations. The work has comprised friendship evangelism and practical service in this the poorest Arab country. Cultural immersion and language acquisition have helped OM workers build lasting bonds with friends in the heart language. Teaching and business opportunities have provided practical avenues to serve the community and build bridges by meeting everyday needs.

What we do, how we work

Evangelism: Our desire to live and serve in Yemen is to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. Practical service and volunteer opportunities, language studies, and living with integrity and intentionality help OMers build lasting relationships and communicate the power and love of God.

Professional Opportunities: Language teachers, medical workers and those with social and community development experience have numerous opportunities in Yemen. OMers seek to utilise their background and skills to serve the community and build relationships, whilst setting an example to local believers (II Thess 3:9).

Mentoring and Discipleship: Valuing the individual skills and gifts of individual members, the long-term teams in the region have striven to support and equip OMers to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. An extensive training program for new members offers practical information on settling into daily life, cultural adaptation, language learning, and evangelism.

Learning Arabic: Learning the heart language is intrinsic to effective Gospel witness. A variety of language learning options are available within the region, ranging from formal classrooms to private tutors.

Short-Term Trip: Short-term programs, ranging from one week to two years, have offered participants opportunities to partner with existing regional teams and exposure to local culture. 

Video: OM Middle East North Africa (MENA) Overview 

How you can help

PRAY - Pray for the media and online resources reaching individuals in isolated regions and the follow-up. Pray for the existing believers to mature in faith and to stand against a spirit of fear.

GIVE - Support the work of OM in Yemen at Help us see the Church planted and grown in Yemen.

GO - See open job opportunities with OM in the Arabian Peninsula. Contact for more information. 

More information about Yemen

  • Population: 25 million 
  • Language: Arabic
  • Religious Make-Up: Muslim 99%, Shia and Sunni
  • State of Economy: Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East; economic difficulties have sparked unrest and vice versa.  Yemen struggles with unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy especially in rural regions.
  • Life expectancy: 59 years (men), 62 years (women) (UN)
    Monetary unit: Yemeni Riyal ($1US = 1YR)
    Main exports: Crude oil, cotton, coffee, fish
    GDP nominal per capita: US $1418 (IMF 2012)
  • State of the Church: Small isolated fellowships of Muslim background believers in the main cities. Large areas of the country have no believers.