The Family Business

A PARABLE about Stepping Into the Life You Were Made For

Examine your faith in light of a good father who wants his kids to experience the joy of his work and the help that his business brings.

Families are complicated, and no one knows that more than Jesse. As the founder of Jesse’s Hardware, he has invested years in starting and growing his business into a nationally known franchise with a reputation of excellence. These stores touch countless lives by always providing the right tool, at the right time, for the perfect long-term repair. Everyone knows Jesse’s Hardware!

But Jesse is getting older. It’s time for the next generation to get involved and take the family business to more communities that need its caring support. Jesse’s five adult children have choices to make about stepping into their father’s work.

As you dive into this parable, you’ll find yourself in the backstories of Jesse’s kids, who struggle with issues that each of us face. You may see your need for control, ambition, security, comfort, or self-sufficiency. And perhaps it will be a catalyst for you to step into the life you were made for, to use your gifts and talents to help others.

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About the Author

GEOFF PETERS is part of the international leadership team for Operation Mobilisation. He serves as an online course instructor with Fuller Seminary and is director for the Mission Gap Project. Geoff and his family live in Colorado, USA.

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