A Roof for the Training Base in South Africa

A small old building on the outskirts of Pretoria has been serving as OM’s training base in South Africa. Since its opening 30 years ago, over 2,500 people have gone through OM’s well-known Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) (now REACH), to teach believers in Jesus about their faith, both in and out of the classroom. Now, the building is in desperate need of a new roof.

MDT student Alia and her team members for example gave food to township dump dwellers addicted to drugs and alcohol. They also pointed them to a local Christian centre that helps people get off the streets.  Another student, Natalia, and her team visited a den where men, women and children took drugs publicly and shamelessly, bringing food and practical help. In Mamelodi township, student Sheela saw God used what she had just learnt during the training to reach out to others, practically and simply sharing the gospel, and encouraging people to believe God is who He says He is.

During these 30 years, MDT students have been arriving to live for five months in the training building that was constructed 50 years ago.  The facility is, unsurprisingly, no longer fit for purpose. It needs urgent repairs – including a new roof – to accommodate more students like Alia, Natalia and Sheela in the years ahead. 

“We would like not only singles, but couples and families to come to South Africa from across the globe to learn how to live and use their gifts in our diverse, changing world,” said an MDT trainer. “But without essential repairs to the roof, all our equipment and electrics will not be safely housed. Without major repairs to adapt our base, we may not be able to continue to disciple, equip and send well-prepared believers every year to play their part in impacting communities positively for God.”



There is a critical need for $22,000 (£16,000) to make repairs and improvements, including a new roof, for the training base. This will enable training courses to continue to take place safely and effectively.  Repairs to one leaking roof will cost $2000 (£1,500).