Bibles for Turkish and Roma Communities in Romania & Bulgaria

“Our vision is to disciple believers from the Turkish-Tatar and Roma communities, equipping them to share God’s love with others around them,” shares the leader of OM in Romania. These communities reside in the Dobruja area, on both sides of the border between Romania and Bulgaria. “We also want to motivate churches from Romania to reach people in these communities with the love of Christ and see new groups of Jesus followers come together.”

The Danube river marks the border between Romania and Bulgaria before running out into the Black sea. The region of Dobruja, near the coast, has historically been fought over between these two nations since the 19th century. This area is home to a minority Turkish speaking people group, the Tatars, and Roma Muslims. In North Dobruja (Romania) they number 64,000 Muslims, but on the Bulgarian side is the highest number of Turks in South-East Europe with well over 700,000 people.

In 2020, OM sent a team of five workers to live and minister among the Tatars in South-East Romania. At the same time, a couple started to develop relationships among the same ethnic group across the border, in North-East Bulgaria.

“Our goal,” concludes OM’s leader, “is to see one hundred disciple-makers actively sharing the gospel in the Romanian part of the region by 2025, and one hundred more throughout all Dobruja. In order to fulfil this goal, bibles are needed in Turkish, English and Arabic, the heart languages of the people in these areas.”



$50 (£35) per month for five years will partially support one national believer in his ministry to lead and run a group over five years.