Limassol, Cyprus :: Emily (UK), Logos Hope School teacher, teaches Logos School student.

The Logos connection in Limassol

Logos School and Logos Hope School connect through shared values and a shared name.

With wide eyes, excitement and some brief hesitation, children from Logos Hope School (LHS) stepped into Logos School in Limassol, Cyprus. Emily (UK), a teacher at LHS, said, “Some children were a bit hesitant about visiting Logos School. After a few hours they were loving class and didn’t want to leave.”

Shared values
During the ship’s time in Limassol, both schools connected over similar names and their shared values of love and respect. Logos School children visited Logos Hope and LHS children spent time at Logos School. They participated in each other’s classes and played together at snack time. The children noticed how multicultural both schools were. Lydia (Canada) said, “I liked that everyone was friendly. It was cool that some teachers were from different countries.” Ilinca (Romania) added, “I made new friends there. Not all the people were from Cyprus. I just liked it. I wanted to stay there forever!”

Learning new skills
The ship children were thrilled to experience a new environment and meet new people. They were also excited to share all they had learnt at Logos School. Ilja (Netherlands) said, “We learnt about computers and science. We had a competition quiz. The teacher would ask us questions about plants and our teams would get points for right answers.” Meanwhile, Lucas (Canada) said, “I learnt some things about algebra and some Greek.” Lydia continued, “We learnt how to say hello to people our age and to elders. Ya su for people around your own age and Ya sas for people who are older than you.”

Positive partnerships
LHS teachers also connected with staff and children at Logos School. Emily said, “I spoke to a five-year-old girl who’d just moved from India. She asked me if I was rich. This led to a great conversation about what makes us ‘rich’, like family and the things that really make us happy.” Nathan, principal of Logos School, said, “It’s just been an encouragement to see us working together. We have many parallels between what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We’re called Logos for the same reason, to share the word of God.”

Though Logos Hope will move on to new countries, an enduring partnership between Logos School and Logos Hope School will surely remain.

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