Limassol, Cyprus :: Logos Hope School child delivers Christmas gift to marine services worker.

Logos Hope kids share Christmas joy

Kids living on board Logos Hope partner with the Ship2Ship group to give out Christmas gifts to marine workers who are away from their loved ones this holiday season.

Crewmembers not only share knowledge, help and hope on board Logos Hope, but also to crews of neighbouring ships. The Ship2Ship group aims to do this in each port by giving out literature and building relationships with seafarers.

An idea is born

Recently, the Ship2Ship group partnered with Logos Hope School to create Ship2Ship Kids. The children were thrilled to be included and developed the idea of giving Christmas gifts to marine workers. They wanted to share hope with those who were apart from their loved ones during the holiday season. Head Teacher Jan (UK) said, “We’d been looking for opportunities for the school to be involved with other communities, so we were very excited. It’s been quite special for us here in Cyprus because we’ve been able to reach out and help people in different ways.”

Preparations are underway

Beginning with a bake sale that they put on for Logos Hope crewmembers, the children raised money to purchase gifts including books, food items, toiletries, mugs, notebooks, plus handmade crafts and cards. Thieske (Netherlands/Trinidad and Tobago) said, “It was fun to wrap all the presents because we had to wrap each present, place all the presents in a shoebox and then wrap the shoebox.”

The day has arrived

The children were met with warmth and hugs from marine workers as they handed out the wonderfully decorated gifts. “I really liked giving presents because even though I was shy at first, I enjoyed seeing the happiness of the crew,” said Lydia (Canada). “I was surprised when we could go on board their ship. We even got to meet the captain and visit the bridge.” Thieske added, “It was great to meet all the people on board, share hope with them and sing some songs.”

The seafarers were grateful for the gifts and the kindness the children displayed. One worker with children back home said, “Normally it is the children receiving presents, but instead they are giving them to us.”

Giving is a great way to be involved in sharing joy with communities around the world. How can YOU unexpectedly bring someone hope and joy this Christmas season?

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