Saving lives

As a group of new crewmembers joined Logos Hope, those who were assigned roles in marine operations – the deck and engine departments – were put through fire familiarisation training. The course is mandatory for crewmembers joining the department.

Fires are not to be started on board the vessel, so the marine operations find other ways to provide suitable training outside. Lirquén's fire department was willing to help the new crewmembers receive the appropriate training. They learnt to work as a team to attack a fire, they reviewed their breathing apparatus, extinguished oil-based fires using a portable extinguisher and had a demonstration of foam firefighting.

Captain Tom Dyer (USA), who was supervising the training, noted that the new members of his department were attentive and also bonded with the local firefighters. “We take our training very seriously. Even after a training programme is completed, we look for additional opportunities to practice,” said Captain Tom.

Gabriela* (Mexico) explained that the training gave her confidence for her new role. “Whatever we do is to glorify God; for example, by taking care of His people,” she said, adding, “It is hard to remember everything and learn new words but this is the foundation for a good start.”

“When we finished the training, we thanked the captain and firefighters,” Captain Tom said. “I made the point that they are rescuing people and that our ministry is seeking to rescue people on a spiritual level: God is seeking to rescue us from sin and to give us hope for the future.”

The Chilean firefighters, who are all volunteers, had provided the water used for the training. When the ship's officers offered to help pay for it, the fire officer said he would rather the money went to a place where water is needed. To return the kindness, the crew invited the firefighters on board Logos Hope, where they were given a tour and further explanation of the vessel's purpose and the faith that motivates those operating it.

*Name changed

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