1. Develop a People Care culture on Field & Teams of loving & valuing people, leading & caring for them with grace and integrity towards ongoing growth & development, so that the communities around us see Christ reflected in how we live personally and in community with each other.

2. Facilitate ongoing spiritual, emotional, relational and practical support and development for individuals as well as teams to remain healthy, resilient and fruitful while serving on the Tajikistan Field.



People Care seeks to strengthen field members’ spiritual, emotional and relational well-being, in order to enhance resilience and the ability to build community where each is loved and valued.

We will know we are succeeding when Field  members:

• Regularly access & report benefit from various help, resources, and development opportunities

• Notice ongoing personal and spiritual growth (e.g. during appraisal)

• Report feeling valued by leadership and on their teams

• Take initiative in self and mutual care & report a feeling of mutual support

1. Model Self-Care & relationship with the Lord

Model self-care and relationship with the Lord to remain healthy, resilient and effective as a caregiver to inspire others to do the same.

Core activities

1. Maintain appropriate sense of boundaries regarding time, as well as relationships, and stay within your ability/training/capacity

2. Maintain appropriate rest, exercise, fun as well as spiritual and personal reflection – including taking Sabbath days

3. Maintain and develop healthy friendships and peer support

4. Invite input and feed-back in order to become more self-aware and spiritually aware  – from within and outside the field 

5. Regular professional development

6. Connect to WACA People Care Team, (Gary Wooden – our main point person on that team) and regional Member Care network for your own development & support & supervision 

2. Develop People Care structure 

Develop & support the People Care structure on our field

Core activities

1. Provide (appropriate ) input for the field/team leaders regarding how individual people on the field are doing. See confidentiality guidelines for Tajikistan Field.

2. Provide advice to field/team leaders on general trends or people care issues on the field/team. Identify gaps in people care and suggest changes. Give input to guide leaders in good practice in people care on our field

3. Provide assessment and input during the recruitment/selection/placement process to assist in healthy people joining the field and being placed well. Review applicant information, suggest areas that need more exploring, possibly skype with applicant to ask further questions.  As needed – advise on further input needed before coming to the field, or advise on whether to accept the applicant to the field. Store confidential personnel files on your personal computer (these will also be stored on Personnel Admin computer). Possibly check for good job role fit with the visa provider

4. Communicate People Care role & support/development structures to field members during 1st Gear and regularly thru their team leaders thereafter

5. Keep regular communication with team leaders becoming aware of their own and their team members’ needs

6. Attend tri-annual team leadership meetings

7. Network in Dushanbe/Tajikistan and beyond to connect with MC places, people and resources – and make them known to TLs and Field Members. Update MC resource people - 1page – keep updated and available to TLs on sharepoint

3. Support – Routinely and in crisis

Ensure adequate people care for all field members including the personal (spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, and physical) health and refreshment of all

Develop relationships of trust, primarily with team leaders, and more generally with field members, in order to encourage and support them in their lives and ministries.

Core activities

1. Routinely; offer intentional connect points, coaching, mentoring, intentional care visits, spiritual input, (lay)counseling , hospitality, practical help etc.

o Connect with and offer support to team leaders on a regular (monthly – 6 weeks) basis. Personal support and also support in giving people care to those on their team

o Support team leaders in structuring small groups on their teams where team members experience regular peer support and accountability

o Support team leaders and branch directors as well as individuals in finding a good job/ministry fit – as needed and requested

o Support the wellbeing of children on our field – thru regular contact with families, at retreats, during team leader meetings – including facilitating kids program at events. Advocate for and support in providing a safe & supportive environment for children on our field

o Promote good relationships within teams and work toward conflict prevention and resolution

o Plan connect points, debriefings, coaching, mentoring as needed and desired for teams and for individual field members – ie at the field retreat, and as people transition thru Dushanbe.

o Connect with and offer support to field members who are referred to you by their team leader

o Someone on the people care team visit each team in their location at least once a year, preferably twice a year

o Facilitate visits of Area People Care people to the field and where possible visiting teams – to provide opportunities for team leaders and field members to receive additional care and support - (Gary Wooden has agreed to be a point person for Tajikistan at that level – he and his wife would like to visit Tajikistan at least once a year. He will also report to the Area People Care group on people care information & needs in Tajikistan) 

o Refer people in a timely manner to specialist care and counseling where care & support cannot be given or sustained in their team or on the field. This may include them going out of country to a specialized member care center (Turkey/Thailand), and/or follow up by skype counseling. Gary and Area People Care team can assist as needed in this.

2. Especially during transitions and crisis points: offer (crisis) debriefing, consulting, intentional care visits, spiritual input, (lay)counseling , hospitality, practical help etc. 

o Support 1st Gear Coordinators, and Team Leaders in guiding & caring for those making major life changes in order to facilitate smooth transitions (1st Gear and transition to team, major change in work/ministry/family back home, preparing for re-entry etc)

o Develop and maintain a list of websites, counsellors, medical doctors, educational specialists, retreat centers and other specialist care both in and out of country

o Assist with interpersonal conflicts – mainly support team leader, but if needed visit and assist

o Assist if asked by field or team leader in grievance/discipline situations – in accordance with field policy

o Be available to help in crisis situations and offer debriefing – either individual or team

o Offer emotional & spiritual support to team leaders, and to field leadership team

o As needed in crisis situations – be in contact with Area people care support team – I believe Gary Wooden would be our first point of contact - to keep them informed, and to receive guidance & support.

o Refer people in crisis or affected by crisis to specialist care as needed

4. Resourcing  Equip and Develop

Provide input into the spiritual, emotional, relational and practical development of primarily team leaders, as well as to individual team members and field training at every level.

Core activities

1. Provide access to or information about conflict management, team building, resources, specialist care (counseling centers, education specialist, marriage enrichment, coaching services, guesthouses, etc.) on Sharepoint – Member Care folder, and in the General Field info folder. Also thru Dear Hamkoron

2. Provide tools that increase personal resilience i.e. strengthen self-awareness & self-care, team building, good stress & conflict management, mutual care skills, multi-cultural communications skills etc.

3. Facilitate training/equipping sessions

o during field orientation – cooperate with 1st Gear trainers, giving input and assisting in training & orientation as requested.

o At team retreats/visits, field retreats  -  regarding expectations, personal & cultural differences, multi-cultural communication skills, moral purity, transitions, self-care, peer-debriefing, stress and/or crisis management, maintaining life balance, boundary setting in local culture  etc.

o Provide ideas for spiritual formation, team building activities etc (e.g. during team visits, Team retreats, Silent Retreats, reflection exercises, Bible studies etc.)

o Provide input into field training programs (e.g. incorporate modules on listening and conflict management skills, spiritual formation; debriefings; self-awareness & self-care; teaching on transition, etc.)

4. Participate in planning & guiding the silent retreat morning at the field retreat

5. Wellbeing of children on our field – connect with information and resources – eg SHARE educational support, resources for raising resilient TCKs etc.

6. Facilitate visits of Area People Care people - (Gary Wooden or others he suggests)  – to provide opportunities for team leaders and field members to receive additional training/mentoring in areas to do with self care, mutual care, people care

7. Encourage Field Members towards training opportunities (e.g. F2F course, PC courses, mentoring clinics, marriage enrichment, webinars etc.), advocate for finances, and follow up development plan and contribution to field and ministry. Assist TLs in follow up after training input such as F2F letter to leader, and any plan of action agreed after such trainings

5. Administration

Ensure appropriate records are kept, while keeping the communication and confidentiality guidelines in mind.

Core activities

1. Store confidential field personnel files on your personal computer (they will also be stored on the Field Personnel Administrator’s computer).

2. Maintain records of debriefing provided for individuals/groups on the field

3. Maintain records of more serious people care issues arising on the field eg someone/team in crisis, serious conflict & conflict mediation, people referred to Area People Care level or specialist help - anything that is serious enough that it may require written accounts now or in the future

4. Maintain records of any officially agreed Personal Care plans developed with field members in conjunction with the team leaders/Team MC person


Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
2 Years
Full or part time
Part Time
Caring for people

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