Church Planter

In Italy, where the roots of Catholicism lie, only very few people have a living relationship with God and know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We believe and experience that Church Plants are an effective way to reach out to those who do not know God and help young believers grow in their faith. Do you want to help create a vibrant community of Jesus followers among Italians? Do you have a desire to reach Italians with the gospel message? Come and join OM Italia to serve with a local Church Plant.

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Mission Mobiliser

Do you like organizing and networking? Then we have a great opportunity for you in Italy!

In this position as Mission Mobiliser you will be in contact with Italians who are interested in joining missions. You can help match them to the opportunity that fits them best, be in contact with their sending church and lead them through the application process. Also, when there are people interested in joining OM Italia longer term, you will be the person who leads this process.

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English teacher

Are you passionate about building relationships and teaching English? Then we are looking for you!
OM Italia currently has an English conversational class and has the vision to provide several other opportunities for Italians to learn English. The aim of these classes, besides helping people to learn English, is to get to know local people and share the gospel with them.

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Personnel Officer

Do you have a passion for missions, and do you enjoy helping people find their role in it? OM Italia needs someone like you to who is passionate about recruiting and caring for people who are interested in joining OM.

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Female artist reaches for artwork on the wall to adjust position

“Non posso credere a quanta luce ci sia nel vostro lavoro”

A Giugno del 2018, Jessica, suo marito Bryan e Kaden, il loro bambino di due anni, hanno lasciato gli Stati Uniti per trasferirsi in Italia e lavorare come missionari con OM Italia. Un anno dopo, a Luglio del 2019, Jessica ha potuto esporre la sua prima mostra d’arte all’interno di un locale di Roma: “Proprio come fanno gli altri, anche io metto a disposizione i miei doni per il Regno di Dio. È interessante vedere come Dio utilizzi l’arte per parlare alle persone.”

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Rome wasn’t built in a day

A native Italian feels called to share Jesus' love with people in his own country, many of whom know of Jesus but do not understand His love.

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A vibrant community emerges

“Aren’t there enough churches in Italy?” Not to reach the 50,000 people in Pisa, says OM team, who plants La Torre.

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Combining personal passion with ministry

Ride2Transform allows teams on two wheels to pedal far and wide, praying and sharing the love of Christ in least reached areas in Europe and Africa.

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A bordo della River Boat con Paolo e Salvina

Aggiornamento dai nostri 2 missionari a bordo della River Boat, il nuovo progetto di OM lungo i fiumi del nostro continente.

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From tradition to a vibrant community

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