Church Planter

Do you want to see the gospel grow and spread in one of the most Muslim-majority countries in Europe? Would you like to study the Bible with new believers and those who have never opened its pages before?


Media Creator

Would you like to use your media creation talents in new and unique ways to serve in an unreached part of Europe? Do you have a heart to come beside the local church, esteeming, training and equipping them to bring the good news to the lost in creative ways?



If you want to be part of an amazing transforming project in the heart of Europe then this is the opportunity for you!

In Kosovo there is an urgent need for strong, healthy groups of believers that can self-reproduce. The community of believers here is young and in many villages and towns, does not even exist.


ついに愛された . 内戦の後も貧困にあえぐコソボで

アニーヤは 5 歳の時に両親に捨てられ、祖父母に引き取られました。両親は、本来ならアニーヤを守り、愛し、大切にしなければならなかったのですが、娘に何もしませんでした。彼女にとって両親から拒絶されたことは大きな影響を与えました。

親の教えなしに人生を切り抜けようとしていた 10 代の少女だったアニーヤは、悪い仲間たちと悪い関係に陥りました。仲間たちは彼女に無理やり売春をさせ、お金を儲けていました。彼女が 2 年前に初めて OM ワーカーに会ったとき、彼女は絶望の中にいました。しかし、彼女は人生を根本的に変えようとはしていませんでした。



Kosovo is a crossroads of East and West, traditional and modern. The church is small, and struggling to find its own identity in a 90 percent Muslim majority. Many villages and towns have no Gospel presence at all. OM seeks to support local believers in building up the Body of Christ, reaching also the ethnic and religious minorities, such as the Serbs and Roma, who are often discounted. Our vision is to enable the local believers to reach the most unreached within Kosovar society.