Inspiro Arts Alliance: Songwriting Workshop Teaching Team

The hope and prayer is that God will birth many new songs of worship that will build the church. The target people groups for this workshop are predominately unreached or least reached.

Inspiro Arts Alliance, a ministry of OM, works to encourage indigenous worship around the world. As a team, participants will partner with those in country to facilitate a songwriting workshop, bringing believing musicians together from various language groups within the target Asian country.

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2021年04年23日 (金)2021年05年05日 (水)
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2021年01年23日 (土)
850.00 USD
21 - 78
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Worship that is culturally appropriate has the power to break down unnecessary barriers as people respond to the revelation of God. They are better able to understand the message and then, in turn, share with those outside of the church setting who may be unfamiliar with church lingo.

Ethnodoxologists study how peoples around the world worship God and encourage them to create in response to God’s work in their lives. As a team, participants will lead attendees in a songwriting workshop using key principles of ethnodoxology as a guide. Subsequently, the team will record these songs to make ready for distribution. In the day, you will work with younger musicians. In the evening, you will work with older musicians who used to write songs but no longer do.

Participant profile

All short-term project team participants will be expected to participate in pre-trip training/preparation.

All applicants must be flexible and able to adapt. Those without proper experience for the roles below may apply as an assistant:

Leader-in-training: Applicant will be mentored under the team leader.
Ethnodoxologist: Applicant should have experience with indigenous recording projects.
Intercessor: Applicant should have a passion for prayer.
Photo/Video Journalist: Applicant should have experience in photography and/or videography to document the trip for publication on the website, in social media, in newsletters, and/or public relation materials. He or she must be flexible and able to adapt to whatever the needs are during the trip. Applicant will need to bring his/her own gear.


Participants will either stay in a cottage designed for teams (2 bedroom/1 bath/kitchen/sitting room) or in host homes.


Meals will be at local cafes or provided by host families. Please advise of dietary restrictions.


Local transportation will be by taxi.


Please advise of any health concerns. Overall good health is necessary for this trip.


Participants from many countries, including the USA, Canada, and parts of Europe, do not need a visa. However, please confirm with your local embassy.


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