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Practical skills, purposeful life

Randy uses his skillset to serve God and share His love with others, first on the OM ships, now in a basement print shop.

  • “The word ‘father’ has real meaning now”

    OM Ships :: Jareht hated his father, who’d walked out on five sons when Jareht was just four years old. By the age of 16, Jareht was close to ending his life. But God showed him what a true Father He is. Now, Jareht is serving on board OM’s ship, sharing God’s transforming love with others.

  • ‘My weakness taught me that prayer is key’

    He was committed to follow Jesus, yet Richard continued to battle with fear. A short term trip with OM to Israel became a turning point.

  • Serving amidst suffering

    Samuel and Jesus followers in South Asia reach out to others and share the gospel when the coronavirus devastates their country.

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Moving to Mongolia

“My son and I travelled very far to reach the Tsaatan reindeer herders,” said Buyana*, describing their journey from the Tuvan Republic of Russia to a remote valley in Mongolia. A three-day road trip was followed by an eight-hour horse ride from the nearest Mongolian village. In a country where horses outnumber people, the animals are an essential part of everyday life and a common way to travel, especially to areas where there are no roads. 

For three months in the summer of 2019, Buyana and her seven-year-old son, together with a short-term outreach team, lived among the Tsaatan reindeer herders in their settlement of tents. “They accepted me and called me their own person,” she said. The nomadic tribe originates from Buyana’s indigenous group, the Tuvans in Siberia, and they also speak the Tuvan language. She offered a children’s programme and worked with teenagers during their visit, drawing on her experience of serving in her home church. 

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We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus-followers among the least reached.