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Being a bridge

“I find it interesting: the different (cultures) and how we can all work together,” Ivy said. “We can live together and show that God is real. [He’s] not just in one culture, nor does God do things [one particular] way.”

  • Changing the way Israelis see church

    Christopher faced cultural challenges in teaching the Bible to people interested in learning more...just not in a church building.

  • 'Doing things differently'

    “I have found that, working with the different fields, I can help the young people grow in their roles and support the Field strategically – aspects of my career that I loved to do, and now continue to do so,” said Van Zyl.

  • Start where you are, give what you have

    After struggling with her own limitations, Oxana now trains others and encourages them that they don’t have to wait until everything is perfect before they can be used by God.

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'It's about Jesus in your heart'

When Palin* attended his first OM conference in Toronto, Canada in the summer of 1979, the simple but bold mindset of the OM workers flabbergasted him. “When they prayed, they really believed that God was going to change the world,” he remembers. 

To Palin, finding a stable job seemed much more reasonable than casting prayers into the wind.  “This is a crazy bunch of people,” he concludedBut, as he would soon find out, the God who changes the world in answer to prayer also has a sense of humour. 

Palin has an animated personality and an encyclopedic intelligence, with a store of facts ranging from Tim Keller quotes to the geography of Maldives. Born in Gujarat, a northern region of India, to Christian parents and grandparents, Palin says he grew up on the stories of David and Goliath and of Jonah and the whale, but he only nominally accepted Christian teachings. 

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We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus-followers among the least reached.