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Finding Jesus in the desert

Peter googled: who is Jesus Christ? The answer radically changed his life.

  • Sports and Jesus

    While building friendships is easy, developing trust takes time. Susan's solution: sports.

  • The power of love

    When Ukrainians began pouring into neighbouring Romania the first to respond were the churches.

  • Bold for the sake of Jesus

    Algerian believers face persecution, church closures and accusations in court--the cost of following Jesus and sharing His love with others.

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Bringing Hope

Shona recalls a time in the marketplace where a seller waited twenty minutes until the neighbouring seller left before whispering about her grandchild with Cerebral Palsy. “Can you help us?” she requested in a hushed plea. Most families in the part of Central Asia where Shona serves keep their disabled child sheltered at home in a dark room, where neighbours and the community cannot see them. Shona, an Occupational Therapist, works with children with disabilities and supports their families through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) groups, home visits, and trainings to local staff and mothers.

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We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus-followers among the least reached.