Are you a visual artist that desires to use your art skills to bring hope to people seeking God?
Are you looking for a practical way to use your art to share the Gospel?
Join the Artribe of OM Belgium this Easter as we put on a professional exhibition, use arts to connect to people on the streets of Belgium, and give workshops in cities across the country. The arts are a powerful tool in Belgium since language and many other things divide the country. Our goal is to use visual art and music to open a space for the least reached to hear about Jesus- many for the first time.

As a team of creatives, we hope to bring an essential tool to the VITAL campaign. We are using past experiences and believing that God used arts - both visual and music - to reach people that are often otherwise unreachable. Visual art has a powerful way of grabbing the attention of passers-by as well as opening up conversation as we encourage creativity.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Sorry, no families
Groups welcome
Fri 10 Apr 2020 to Mon 13 Apr 2020
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261.00 USD
18 - 60
Ministry details

We will be facilitating art workshops in collaboration with local churches throughout Belgium. We will invite people from Christian communities to come with their not-yet-believing friend(s) to attend the workshop. We find that as people work together around a table, a few key questions have the ability to begin meaningful conversations about spiritual matters. This team of artists will be either facilitating or participating in a workshop.
We will also do afternoon outreach sessions where we collaborate on live art projects in public places alongside a music performance. We invite artists to create live and non-artists to be active observers alongside us as the works of art develop. Through the alliance of artists and active observers, we are trusting God to open doors for meaningful conversations, new relationships, an opportunities to share faith.

Participant profile

We welcome visual artists with experience in painting, sculpture, mixed media, installation art, collage, drawing, portraiture, conceptual art, 3D art and those who enjoy making crafts to participate in the Visual Arts section of the OM Easter outreach, VITAL.
If this speaks to your heart, we would love to hear from you!
We will request to view some of your work and will need some info about you as a visual artist.
When considering your role in VITAL we suggest you consider a few questions:
• What images/meaning does this word ‘VITAL’ bring to your mind?
• What does the Holy Spirit stir in you as a response to the idea/concept of ‘VITAL’?
You are a VITAL part of the Kingdom and we look forward to working alongside you.


Participants will sleep at our hospitality center or in houses of local believers. Those who are able to find their own, separate accommodation will get a 25 euro discount on registration fees. Separate housing must be communicated and approved by OM Belgium and less than 30 minutes away (we’ll expect you to arrive around 9 each morning and stay until 10:30 in the evening).


We will provide breakfast, one hot meal, and one bread meal during the campaign. We should be able to accommodate special diets, but needs must be communicated at time of registration.


You must make your way to the Zav Centre, which is accessible from Brussels airport by bus, train, or foot. Plan to arrive by 5 PM on Friday, April 10 and leave the conference by noon on April 13. You can also take a bus or train from Brussels.

Fabriekstraat 63
1930 Zaventem


Participants should be in reasonably good health and be able to be on their feet for hours at a time.


Most countries do not need a 90 day Schengen visa to come to Belgium. If your country requires to enter Belgium, you must submit a request by March 1, 2020. Your home office can help you get with visa questions.


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