Prayer and ministry to the people in Malawi

Cycling through the area where the Yao people live, a unreached people group in Malawi. On the road we pray for the Yao and minister to people on the road.

Singles welcome
Married couples welcome
Families welcome
Groups welcome
Sat 6 Jun 2020 to Sat 13 Jun 2020
Apply by
Fri 6 Mar 2020
575.00 USD
18 - 60
Ministry details

Daily cycling, prayer and ministry along the road

Participant profile

Are you adventurous and have a heart to share the Lord? Then Ride 2 Transform Malawi is for you! Need to be fit and able to cycle +/- 80 km a day.


House, base, or tents


Food included. This will be mainly local food.


Fly In and Out of Chileka International Airport, Blantyre, Malawi *BLZ*
Please land on the 6th and depart on the 13th.

Transport to the ministry points will be provided


Must be in good health. There are long days of travel which are full of ministry time as well.


People from outside SADC countries(southern Africa) probably need a visa. Please check if you need a visa. Cost for a single entry visa is $75, bring this in cash with you.

  • Cash needs to be in large bills. 50,20, & a 5 in good condition and newer than 2009.

Language will be English, there will be translators into the local language.
You will be staying with local people. Let us know if you are on a special diet or if you have health issues.

All participants are required to have health & travel insurance for the time of the outreach. Proof must be sent to organizer prior to arrival.

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