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Losing everything for Christ

The leader said: "This is a secret; if we started to teach about Jesus in our mosques then we might as well open churches."

  • Persecution, prayer and fasting

    Prayer and fasting have been part of the Algerian Church's lifestyle since its beginning. Unity among believers has contributed to ongoing spiritual strength amidst persecution.

  • Largest St. Patrick's Challenge

    In 2019, OM Ireland hosted its largest St. Patrick's outreach.

  • Happy endings

    “As I watched the ending scene (that lasted about three minutes) I thought about the “happy ending” notion,” says Ava. “Is it real or is it a fairy tale? A utopia created by Hollywood to give their viewers a false sense of hope in the reality of a broken world? And so, I said to myself: I believe in happy endings.”

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When God changes your plans

Ariela, 28, is from Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world.

At the age of 15, God placed missions on her heart. “It has been a God-process with me. He told me I would go to the least reached, so I knew that would be my focus,” shared Ariela. “I chose my professional career with that in mind. I knew I’d work with vulnerable, at-risk kids and children with disabilities.” In fact, since childhood, she’d had a desire to specifically work with people from Myanmar.

After earning her degree in child psychology, she asked God: “What now?” A friend randomly told her about a group working with refugees in the Middle East, and she went on a short-term trip there.

“That was when I realised God had called me to work with the most vulnerable kids in the world: refugees,” Ariela declared. 

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What does OM do in Moldova?

  • Mobilising

    Imparting a vision for mission to the local and global Church and coming alongside believers in taking their first steps in mission

  • Equipping

    Equipping believers to become disciple-makers and part of creating new communities of Jesus followers where He is not yet known

  • Reaching Moldova's Least Reached

    Hands-on involvement to share Christ and help plant churches in the least reached areas of Moldova