What we believe

“We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least-reached.”

OM Moldova aims to support and equip the local Church to fulfil its role in local and global missions, motivating and helping churches to send missionaries to lesser reached areas of the world, as well as empowering these churches to be providers of hope and relief to their own local communities.

Our entire ministry is carried out in partnership with and under the authority of the Moldovan Church.

OM Moldova History

OM’s involvement in Moldova started with smuggling Bibles and Christian literature into the country during the Soviet Union. Today an extensive and diverse ministry within the country is coordinated by a team of approx. 70 adults, the majority being Moldovan nationals. At the same time more and more Moldovans are trained for and sent into world missions.

OM Moldova Team

The OM team in Moldova is currently made up of approximately 70 adults, about 50 of them being Moldovan nationals. The others currently represent nine different nationalities.

However, our ministry would not be possible without a much wider team, including the many Moldovan churches and local believers who are partnering with us to implement projects in their communities; as well as all those across the globe who get involved short-term, who pray and who give.