COVID-19 relief in Moldova

Moldova has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. While other places experienced distinguishable waves, in Moldova infection numbers continued to steadily increase, and even in spring 2021 still reached levels higher than ever before. Besides the health crisis, people became also increasingly desperate for the financial means to survive.

Most people in Moldova had to stay without work and salary for months, while few had any savings to fall back on. Many Moldovans working abroad lost their jobs and needed to return to Moldova without means to provide for their families. (Remittances from abroad usually form a significant part of income for many families; many entirely depend on family members working abroad.) The situation was aggravated due to a serious drought in summer and resulting poor harvests, which meant that people were not able to store up food for winter as usually, while at the same time food prices went up.
Those who were already struggling to make ends meet even before the crisis - like the many poor, elderly or sick - became even more desperate, while also facing increased isolation.

OM has committed to bringing hope to those most affected. Over the summer we visited 100 communities providing food packages and Bibles for about 15.000 households. Together with local churches we continued the delivery of food packages throughout autumn and winter, besides running our usual winter relief projects, through which we provided firewood or other means of heating, as well as warm clothes and winter shoes for children.

The situation for many people is still very difficult, and we continue partnering with local believers to go to many villages in the least reached regions of the country and bring help to those in need and share the hope we have in Jesus. Many of these places are locations of church planting initiatives, sometimes having none or just one single believer. Besides bringing food and hope to many people in need, these projects also open doors for church planters, helping them build relationships with the community and local authorities.

Please pray for ongoing ministries in these communities and for fruit in the lives of those we visited.

Thank you for your generous support, enabling us to provide this help and change lives in Moldova at a time like this!


Here you can find a report for the Covid-19 special project providing food parcels and Bibles in 2020.
More impact stories from the Covid-19 relief projects can also be found in the recent editions of our field newsletter:
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