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Adopted twice

Whitney, a talented singer and musician from the US, is using her skills to show God’s love and spread His glory through teaching Albanian musicians.

  • 'It's not about the bike'

    Chris is frustrated when an injury stops him short of his goal but recognises his role in leading others to pray for the nations.

  • Intentional living

    For the past 18 years, Julieta and her husband have been intentionally sharing the love of Christ throughout Central and Western Asia.

  • God loves me, and He likes me too

    “As I prayed in song, I stumbled my way towards clarity: God likes me,” remembers Louisa. “His delight in me is steady and perfect and not contingent on me at all. I didn’t have to linger by the door of the Father’s house, trying to fix myself in hopes of an invitation in. The door is ajar. I belong inside.”

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Challenge accepted

Mohammed (Mo) didn’t think twice when his friend and mentor, Tobias, told him about the 1,000 km (621.3 miles) ‘Coronaride’ happening in a few weeks. “Sure, I’m in,” Mo said, regardless of the fact he’d only started riding road bikes several months earlier. Though this type of challenge is often reserved for experienced cyclists, Mo was eager to participate and – through cycling – to help people impacted by the new coronavirus.

At the time of the ride, Mo, a friend of OM who lives in Germany, didn’t personally know anyone who had fallen ill with the virus, but his sister in Syria had seen it devastate families. “In Syria, it isn’t like in Germany where everyone has insurance. In Germany if you don’t go to work, there’s an office that can provide [financial] help,” he explained. Whereas in his homeland, “when you don’t work, you don’t get any money, and if you work, then you [might] get coronavirus.

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What does OM do in Moldova?

  • Mobilising

    Imparting a vision for mission to the local and global Church and coming alongside believers in taking their first steps in mission

  • Equipping

    Equipping believers to become disciple-makers and part of creating new communities of Jesus followers where He is not yet known

  • Reaching Moldova's Least Reached

    Hands-on involvement to share Christ and help plant churches in the least reached areas of Moldova