This specially adapted bus travels around Eastern Europe to support OM’s ministry in the various countries. Moldova is visited several times a year and during these periods we use the bus for outreaches in towns and villages throughout the country. Besides creating interest merely by its appearance, thus opening conversations with people who might otherwise just pass by, it is also a multifunctional tool, enabling us to display and sell literature, show films, or sit down to talk to people over a cup of tea or coffee. It also allows us to bring special attractions for children that are not usually seen in villages, like a bouncy castle or trampoline. These excite a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm, drawing children to the programs we organise and opening doors for conversations with parents and onlookers. Sometimes additional services like medical assistance can be offered on the bus. Often the visit of the Bus4Life to a community also brings the opportunity to get in contact with and witness to local authorities.