Many Moldovan families are torn apart because one or more family members are working abroad, sending money to those who have remained. While in society this is seen as something normal and there is certainly a lure to live and make money in wealthier countries, many of those who leave truly see no other option how they can put food on the table for their children.

By running business trainings and offering small loans, we enable Moldovans to start and run their own business and thus provide for their families without seeking work abroad. Start-up courses give participants the basic knowledge to begin their own small enterprise and develop a business plan. Those who present a suitable plan at the end of the training can receive a loan to help them get started practically. Existing businesses are monitored and visited regularly; we offer ongoing consultation as well as further, more specific training on different levels. We also help them to connect and learn from each other.

While primarily serving to provide for the families, they also have an impact on the surrounding society. Successful businesses can create new jobs, offering work to others in the community. Also our trainings are based on Biblical principles and values - a stark contrast to common business practices in Moldova. Thus in an environment often characterised by corruption, they become examples of integrity and honour, agents of change and advocates of Kingdom values in their communities.

Within the B4T ministry, we are also increasingly looking to develop new initiatives that will enable us to ourselves generate funds for part of our ministry and so become more sustainable.