By using sports and arts we reach out to the young people in Moldova in creative ways, seeking to meet them in their areas of interest. This ministry offers churches a neutral space to initiate contact and build relationships with the young people - as well as the authorities - of the communities they want to reach out to, opening doors to witness to them by word and example. At the same time it enables the youth to engage in healthy activities, have fun and experience fellowship; thus counter-balancing a society where the youth gets increasingly absorbed in the digital world and in most villages few communal activities are available for young people.


Among Moldovan boys, football is the most popular and widely played sport, and is therefore a great way of connecting to the young generation. Between 2006 and 2016 OM Moldova developed and coordinated a network of church-based football teams throughout the country, helping local believers to train teams from their communities while also building relationships and sharing their faith with them.


We reach out to the young generation using various kinds of arts and creative means like drama, music or puppets. The puppet ministry is a major part of this project, which we use to share the gospel in our various camps and outreaches throughout the year. We also visit Day Centres, schools and kindergartens with professional puppet shows, explaining the gospel message to children through a medium that captivates them and in a way they can understand and relate to.